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RAM Spreaders are designed to operate on ship-to-shore cranes, yard stacking cranes, jib cranes, mobile harbour cranes, straddle carriers, reach stackers and front loaders. Models include fixed or telescopic operation, single or twinlift and overheight spreaders as well as hook beams, rotators and headblocks.

Over the years, RAM Spreaders has successfully established itself as a reputable brand name in the industry with its products present in more than 65 countries, across all continents.

In early 2015, NSL’s RAM spreaders business has been merged with the grab business of Salzgitter Maschinenbau AG (one of the world’s leading cargo grab manufacturers and the leading shipboard crane grab builder) under a joint venture arrangement through PEINER SMAG Lifting Technologies GmbH.

This merger led to the formation of the world’s largest independent lifting device group in both bulk cargo and container handling.

The partnership enables the Group to have access to a market potential significantly larger than just the port equipment sector, including bulk cargo vessels, waste to energy incineration plants, scrap metal yards, steel mills, marine dredging and mining businesses where it is able to offer a full spectrum of bulk cargo and container lifting device solutions to port operators and crane manufacturers worldwide with strong production, storage and after sales service support.


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